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  • 18-30 with Paul & Laura Houston in the Upper Duplex

    31-44 with Eric & Ramona Elliott in the Lower Duplex

    45-61 with Deryl Titus in the Fellowship Hall

    62 & over with Dan & Holly Reynolds in the Gathering Room

    Growing and Training to Grow Others on Wednesday Nights.

    “Wednesday Night Alive” dinner at 6pm and Bible Classes including youth group and children’s classes are at 7pm. Christians are meant to grow in their own faith and not remain stunted; and also to become prepared to assist others to find Christ and grow in their walk with Him. Wednesday night electives are designed for that purpose. Electives are offered for all life stages and interests, that CCA people can become healthy, balanced and effective in the world for Christ. Electives will run between 4 and 10 weeks and then begin new ones. Put Wednesday fellowship and development into your regular weekly schedule.

    Adult Electives:

    1) MINISTRY TRAINING, “Learn the New Testament progression in 3 simple ideas.”

    2) ‘Tactics’ by author Greg Koukle. Jesus said, when you are sheep among wolves, you should be innocent but shrewd. That calls for a tactical approach. Though there is a spiritual warfare going on, our engagements should look more like diplomacy than combat. You will learn a game plan to be a good Ambassador for Christ, to be a better diplomat in things that really matter. Be at ease when you share your convictions and values with people.

    1) Men’s Bible Discussion

    Men’s Bible Discussion, Saturdays, at 8am in the Gathering Room.

    2) Ladies Bible Study

    On the second and last Friday of every month we meet at 7pm in the Gathering Room to read and discuss a book of the Bible.

    3) Men’s Breakfast

    Join the men every Friday at 8am at IHOP on Old Seward & O’malley for some fellowship and breakfast.

  • The Story: New Beginnings

    September 18 by Deryl Titus

  • The Story: Jesus the Son of God

    August 28 by Deryl Titus

  • Get To Know God – Part 6

    February 19 by Deryl Titus

  • Get To Know God – Part 5

    February 12 by Deryl Titus

  • Get To Know God – Part 4

    February 5 by Ethan Cortez

  • The Story: The End of Time

    October 9 by Deryl Titus

  • The Story: Paul’s Final Days

    October 2 by Deryl Titus

  • The Story: Paul’s Mission

    September 25 by Deryl Titus

  • The Story: The Resurrection

    September 11 by Deryl Titus

  • The Story: The Hour of Darkness

    September 4 by Dave Smith

  • The Story: No Ordinary Man

    August 21 by Deryl Titus

  • The Story: Jesus’ Ministry Begins

    August 14 by Ethan Cortez

  • The Story: The Birth of the King

    August 7 by Deryl Titus

  • The Story Rewind: The Old Testament Easily Understood

    July 31 by Deryl Titus

  • The Story: Rebuilding the Walls

    July 24 by Deryl Titus

  • The Story: The Queen of Beauty and Courage

    July 17 by Deryl Titus

  • The Story: The Return

    July 10 by Ethan Cortez

  • Upcoming Worship

    October 29, 2017

    Join us at 10AM for Sunday School and at 11AM for our worship service.

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    Services & Location

    Sunday Services:

    10:00 am – Sunday School

    11:00 am – Worship Service

    11:30 am – Junior Church


    Wednesday Night Alive:

    6:00 pm – Dinner

    7:00 pm – Bible Classes

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    10800 Lake Otis Pkwy
    Anchorage, AK 99516
    (907) 522-6020