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  • Adult Sunday School

    1) Letters to a Skeptic with Chuck Bost.

    This is a study through the book, “Letters From a Skeptic” by Greg and Ed Boyd.  In this book, Breg Boyd engages his own dad (Ed Boyd) through letters answering all of his dad’s questions about faith.  We want you to have an opportunity to gain knowledge, answer questions you or your friends may have, and deepen your own faith.

    2) Memorizing the Word with Deryl Titus.

    Memorize 2 verses each week. Practice by saying them out-loud together with your classmates.  This class will use the Topical Memory System, developed by The Navigators, to improve your knowledge of the Bible, deepen your walk with God, and memorize verses that will carry you through the hard times of life. Learn more about God and His character as you memorize His Word.  This class will meet in the Gathering Room.

    3) Training for Service with John Toms.

    This course will cover Bible basics.  It will include naming the books and divisions of books in both the Old and New Testaments.  Biblical characters and associated events will also be covered along with New Testament geography and main events in the life of Christ and the church.

    4) Study of Revelation with Tim Shaw.

    This bible odyssey will take you where the fantastic comes alive, the unimaginable becomes reality, and ends (well you’ll see!).  On this excursion you will scratch your head, be at the edge of your seat, duck your head, say “whaaaat?”, and be humbled during your guided voyage surveying the mysteries of the very last book of the Bible.  Together, through prayer and study, we will traverse the chapters and verses boldly going forth to decipher the lessons and wisdom held in Revelation.

    Home Fellowship Groups

    1) The Truth Project

    Rick & Ron are co-leading this home fellowship group.  This group meets on Tuesdays at 6:30pm in the Upper Duplex.  Contact Rick if you are interested.

    2) Dinner & Bible Study

    Kevin and Helga are hosting a weekly Bible Study every Saturday.  Dinner starts at 6pm with Bible Study following.  Right now they are studying Prayer.

    Other Fellowship Groups

    1) Moms Play Group

    Moms, bring your kids and enjoy some fellowship with other moms.  Every Wednesday at 10am in the nursery.

    2) Men’s Breakfast

    Join the men every Friday at 8am at IHOP on Old Seward & O’malley for some fellowship and breakfast.

  • Generous Giving

    February 22 by Deryl Titus

  • Ask – Our Word for 2015

    February 15 by Deryl Titus

  • Asking with Fasting #2

    February 8 by Deryl Titus

  • Asking with Fasting #1

    February 1 by Deryl Titus

  • Ordination Service

    January 25 by Deryl Titus

  • An Invitation to Participate

    January 11 by Deryl Titus

  • 2015 – The Year to Ask

    January 4 by Deryl Titus

  • The Year of Becoming

    December 28 by Deryl Titus

  • “Becoming” Part of the Christmas Story – “We Interrupt This Life …”

    December 21 by Deryl Titus

  • “Becoming” Part of the Christmas Story – “Divine Results”

    December 14 by Deryl Titus

  • Upcoming Worship

    March 1, 2014

    Join us at 10AM for Bible Study and at 11AM for our worship service.

    Sermon Series

    The Year to Ask

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    Services & Location

    Sunday Services:

    10:00 am – Sunday School

    11:00 am – Worship Service

    11:30 am – Junior Church


    Wednesday Night Alive:

    6:00 pm – Dinner

    7:00 pm – Bible Classes

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